sixMK is moving on
It was wonderful to work with all of you!
  • New Venture
    We here at sixMK are moving onto a new venture: SACROtees
  • For those looking for new sixMK work...
    We are sorry to inform you that we no longer provide design and print services, but wish you luck with your project!
  • For those with previous sixMK work...
    We are still available via email to provide you with any resources you may need from previous projects, so don't hestitate to reach out if this is the case!
  • What is SACROtees?
    • An awesome apparel store with an urban, geeky, Sacramento slant!
    • We encourage you to check out our latest venture, SACROtees, and offer you a gift code to use that celebrates the 10 wonderful years with 10% off!:
    • 6MKFAM
    • You'll find great shirts and skirts printed with designs served fresh out of SacTown!
    • Check it out today!